[Shahjahanpur in the Indian Mutiny, 1857.] Duplicated Bound Typescript by 'C. L. W.' of Banda, titled 'A Memoir of Shajahanpur'. With large cloth-backed map of 'Shahajahanpur [sic] City'.

'C. L. W.' [Shahjahanpur in the Indian Mutiny, 1857; Ahmadullah Shah (1787-1858), known as Maulavi of Faizabad, a leader of the Indian Rebellion; Sir Colin Campbell [Lord Clyde] (1792-1863)]
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Preface dated from 'Banda [now in Uttar Pradesh, India] October 1925.' Map by 'Photo Litho Department | K. G. O. Bengal S. & M. Roorkee.'; undated, but with '117 - 7-3-36', suggesting it was printed 7 March 1936.
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In addition to the usual sources see the paper by Iqbal Husain in 'Proceedings of the Indian History Congress': 'The 1857 Rebellion in Shahjahanpur: Role of the Local Gentry' (1988). The only one other copy of this item traced is in the National Army Museum, whose entry describes it as a 'Stapled Memoir' and makes no mention of the map. [3] + 52 + [2] pp, 4to. Internally in good condition, lightly aged; in good tight binding with 'bloom' to covers (particularly the back) towards the fore-edge. Duplicated Typescript, printed on rectos only. In green cloth binding with 'A Memoir of Shahjahanpur' in gilt on front cover. With ticket of 'H. & H. Bookbinders, Manchester Street, Cheltenham.' Bound in at the end is the map, which has 'SHAHJAHANPUR' at the head, and is printed in black on a single 98 x 65.5 cm sheet, hand-coloured in olive paint for waterways and red paint for roads. Printed at bottom-right is 'Photo Litho Department | K. G. O. Bengal S. & M. Roorkee.' The map is cloth-backed, and originally folded into a packet, but has been folded into 4to for the purpose of binding. The cloth reverse bears a white paper label, on which is printed 'SHAHAJAHANPUR | CITY. | Scale 9 inches = to 1 Mile. | Roorkee, 117 - 7-3-36.' In his preface 'C. L. W.' describes the status of the records, noting that he has made extracts from the 'Official Narrative of Events' in 'the Collectorate Library', 'with the permission of the Commissioner of Rohilkhand'. The contents is in five parts: 'The Mutiny Narrative' ('Extracts from the Narrative of Events in 1857-58 by G. P. Money, Esq., Magistrate and Collector, Shahjahanpur dated 9th September 1858.', including 'the list of the killed'); 'Letter of C. Jenkins Esq.' ('Letter by Charles Jenkins, Esqure, Joint Magistrate of Shahjahanpur. | To the Secretary to the Government N. W. Provinces. | Dated Mohumdee, June 2nd, 1857.'); 'Fate of the fugitives' ('Fate of the fugitives from Shahjahanpur and Rosa.'); 'Notes on Cantonments & Civil Station', 'Map showing extent of the Cantonments and Civil Station in 1857.'