[George Combe, Scottish lawyer and phrenologist.] Autograph Draft, Signed ('Geo Combe'), of part of article or paper on the 'leading object' of the punishment of offenders in prison.

George Combe (1788-1858), Scottish lawyer and phrenologist, founder of the Edinburgh Phrenological Societ
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Twelve lines of text, on one side of an 11 x 13 cm piece of paper, with 'Messrs. Neill & Co' deleted on the reverse. Part of a draft of an article or paper, with deletions and corrections, signed at foot 'Geo Combe'. The final text reads: 'but until a certain sum be redeemed by the labour, attended by the good conduct, of the prisoner. The leading object should be to cultivate habits of moral & intellectual activity, & self-restraint, by an appeal to the interest & understanding of the offender, - rather than by regulations enforced merely by the lash or other forms of suffering, leaving the will unmoved, or in a state of hostility to the discipline imposed.'