[ Election Expenses; Independence for Norfolk, c. 1805 ] Manuscript Subscription List for Contributions to a fund for Colonel [John] Wodehouse, Member of Parliament, efforts "in support of the Independence of the County" {election expenses).

[ Independence for Norfolk, c. 1805 ]
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Watermark 1805
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Three pages, folio, fold marks, dusted, mainly good condition. See "historyofparliamentonline" for the background (one might say shenanigans) to this Subscription. It mentions the "two Tory matrons of Norwich, Mrs Berney and Mrs Charlotte Atkyns" who "who rode through the streets of Norwich holding a pole bearing the colours of Colonel Wodehouse" and who head this list of subscribers. The doument commences: "In consideration of the noble & disinterested Stand which Colonel Wodehouse has made in support of the Independence of the County and of the very great Expense thereby unavoidably incurred || A Subscriptio is now set on foot th prevent so heavy a Burthen from falling individually on Colonel Wodehouse. |Z| [...] After the generous support experienced by Colonel Wodehouse at the last Election he cannot think of accepting of the liberal proposal of his true Friends unless he is permitted to offer - | His own Subscription of £10,000 [..." Then follows a list of c.75 nems including "A Friend" and "A lady in support of the Independence of the County", Thomas Cubitt, B.G. Dillingham, Messrs Ketts and Back (bankers), John Frere (antiquary), Mrs Preston Beeston (of Beeston Hall), and many other "great and good", subscribing a guinea to £200. Note: the "Independence of the County" appears to be a mantra like "Make America Great Again" or "Take Back Control". An unusual survival.