[ Abbess; West Malling; St Bride's ] Autograph Letter Signed (D. Scholastica Abbess O.S.B." to a "Mrs Bushell".

Abbess D. Scholastica, St Mary's Abbey, West Malling [Lady Abbess of Talacre, Dame Scholastica Ewart, OSB]
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[ Address embossed] St Mary's Abbey, West Malling [with lines through it to cancel?], 3 September 1909.
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Three pages, 12mo, largish handwriting, bifolium, minor foxing, hand difficult at times, good condition. "How very rude we must have seemed to you this afternoon; the Abbot & I were [talking?] over rather a difficult Community matter & [?] I did not want to be disturbed he did not expect to see you & [said?] what was in his [mind?] without realising to whom he was talking; it sounded so ludicrouslt abrupt & really was rather funny. Will you come in after Church [?]. I am always disengaged then I leave early on Monday morning."