[ The General Strike, 1926: 'Emergency Service' by the YMCA. ] Printed Certificate relating to 'Hyde Park Emergency Canteens', made out to 'Major Burton Stewart', 'In Recognition of the Emergency Service rendered'.

[ The General Strike, 1926 ] The National Council of Young Men's Christian Association [ YMCA; Hyde Park Emergency Canteens, London ]
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The National Council of Young Men's Christian Associations, Incorporated. [ 1926 ]
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An attractive piece of General Strike ephemera, and a reminder of the interconnected nature of the forces ranged against the General Strike. Printed in black, green, blue and red on one side of an 8vo 'leaf. In good condition, lightly aged and worn, with central horizontal fold. The main text is enclosed within a wide floral border, with the shields of Scotland, England and Ireland at the head, and the device of the YMCA ('THE ORDER OF THE RED TRIANGLE') at the foot. The text reads 'Hyde Park Emergency Canteens | IN Recognition of the Emergency Service rendered by an army of voluntary workers through the Young Men's Christian Association during the period of the General Strike, May 3rd to 19th, 1926'. Beneath this is filled in the 'Name of Worker', 'Major Burton Stewart', with printed facsimiles of the signatures of the President of National Women's Auxiliary, 'Helena Victoria'; Chairman of National Women's Auxiliary, 'Beatrice Norrie'; President of the National Council of YMCAs, 'F: H. Young'; and Associate Secretary of the National Council 'F. J. Chamberlain'. From the papers of Lt.-Col. William Burton Stewart (1872-1936), Scottish war hero, traveller, genealogist, Oxford double blue.