[ Panizzi; Italian Independence ] Autograph Letter Signed "A Panizzi" to a member of Lord Minto's family (?) - from Minto family correspondence.

Antony Panizzi [ Sir Antonio Genesio Maria Panizzi (1797–1879), naturalised British librarian of Italian birth and an Italian patriot.
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British Museum, 26 January [1857?}.
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Four pages, 12mo, fold mark, good condition. "I shall be most happy to give house room to Lacaita's [see note below] things you mention, and with additional pleasure at their removal to my house will be equivalent to the announcement of Lord Minto's return to [London?] whom long to see. | Lacaita will stay with Mr Gladstone & return with him. | I think they will be back in March. | I do not like the French sympathy; but what can Italy lose should the [worse?] come of it. The French can't be worse than the Austrians in any respect. | Ulla salus vidit, nullam sperare salutem [I think!] | The Italians are told they will lose the sympathy of Wngland; what does that amount to: " Who is more in favor with Engl;and; Austria which kept aloof in the war against Russia,or Piedmont which spent its money & shed its blood? | No harm can come from French interference [...] From Austria there is nothing to hope by any possibility." He goes on recalling the "fal in the Funds, The Times complains about the fall in "The Funds" caused by the suituation but "as far as the Italians are concerned, Jews and stock jobbers have lost: well: it is the devil that came for the dishes, But it was owing to the fear of war that sixty honest men were set at liberty - chrulishly and rudely as it is in thenature of the beast not to be otherwise - by [?] I value the liberty of those sixty even more than all the funds helkd by all the Jews of Europe." Note: "Sir James Lacaita (1813 - 1895) K.C.M.G was an Anglo-Italian politician and writer". At this time (1859): "In the winter of 1856-7 he accompanied Lord Minto to Florence and Turin. From 1857 to 1863, he acted as private secretary to Lord Lansdowne, and towards the close of 1858 went with Gladstone to the Ionian Islands as secretary to the mission, being made K.C.M.G. for his services in March 1859. | Lacaita was entrusted by Cavour with a delicate diplomatic negotiation in 1860 connected with schemes to prevent Garibaldi from crossing from Sicily to Calabria, and subsequently the Neapolitan government offered him the post of minister in London [...]" He is discussed in a letter from Gladstone to Panizzi in 1850. This letter was found in a small archive fo Minto family correspondence.