[ Shakespeare Commemoration, 1913. ] Attractive and crisply-printed poster for a lecture by William Martin on 'The Cinema in its Relation to the Drama'. With 'Synopsis' and list of 'Cinematographic Films'.

[ William Martin, Vice-President, Shakespeare Reading Society; London Shakespeare League; Shakespeare Commemoration, 1913. ] [ Sir Sidney Lee; Wynne Runting ]
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'Joint celebration by the Shakespeare Reading Society and the London Shakespeare League.' On 28 April 1913, at King's College, London.
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Printed in black and red on one side of a piece of 37.5 x 26 cm wove paper, with Charles Martin 'Extra Strong' watermark. Text enclosed in attractive decorative border. At foot: 'God Save the King. | At a Piano ... ... ... ... Miss Wynne Runting'. The synopsis runs to nine lines, and begins: 'Cinematography and capital outlay - Importance and possible development - Insistence on public notice - Cinema-machine and its operation - Posing for the cinema - Pantomime as opposed to dialogue - Code of cinematographic convention - "Poor player that struts the stage" - Interjected written explanation [...]'. Following the synopsis is a list of five 'Cinematographic Films', beginning with 'PRELUDE: - "She didn't mind; Thank you." ... ... Clear and self-sufficient.' and 'TRAGEDY: - "Romeo and Juliet." ... ... Mere husk; Oh! for the human voice.', and ending with 'LOW COMEDY: - "With a Kodak." ... ... Beloved of the masses; horseplay.' No copy of this poster (or Martin's lecture) traced on either OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC, and no further information found on the lecture.