[Mimeograph or similar; Civil Defence] A Collection of information sheets concerning action in the event of Atomic War

[Atomic/Nuclear War Preparations; Civil Defence]
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[Civil Defence, 1964-1965]
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Five items, 1-26pp., folio, most undated, but one 1964, another 1965, staples rusty, minor damage to one with no loss. Item I: 26pp., with diagrams, "Layout of an Emergency Kitchen" with sub-headings Site, Layout of Cookers, Layout of Swill area, General, Food Untensil and Fuel Storage, Food Preparation Facilities, Cooking Apparatus, Serving Arrangements, Improvised Washing Up Arrangements, Disposal of Fouled Water, Disposal of Swill, Latrines; Item 2; 5pp., inc. A form headed Council | Civil Defence Department | Emergency Meals Service | Goods Received Book (Site... | Period ...| Signed ... (columnised Date/Description/ Quantity, and dated "WAJ/MC. 26.11.64), with further forms (Stock Sheet, Record of Meals served at ..., Record of Meals prepared and despatched from ..., Appendix (for "Rest Centre Register"; Item 3: 3pp., the building of a "Double Drum Oven", dated 3 May 1965, with diagrams; Item 4, one page form in duplicate, "For Training Purposes Only | Clothing form for use in rest centres | Stock Sheet", 1965; Item 5, 3pp., "Appendix A | This is a provisional form for use in training only | Dispersal (mainly relates to billeting) "9.1.15/63/200".